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All timeline stories in the 1970’s.

1979-Mix of Teaching Philosophies

The first program faculty was eclectic in its approach to Manual Therapy. As described by Barbara Stevens:  “In the beginning, there were no teaching strategies to learn from in the USA. Thus, the faculty employed the teaching strategies they had…

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1979-Eileen Vollowitz

Eileen Vollowitz becomes the first program director and led the program for 2 years, writing the proposal for the initial funding for the program, then developing and teaching the initial curriculum.

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1976-Proposal Presented

Peter Edgelow presented a proposal to Kaiser, as a component of his master's degree thesis at San Francisco State University, for a post professional program emphasizing manual therapy, modeled after the Adelaide, Australia program. (Photo of Eileen Vollowitz)

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1978-Grant Approved

Kaiser accepts the proposal. Using Peter’s master thesis for guidance, Eileen Vollowitz submitted a  proposal for a post professional manual therapy program. The Community Benefits Division of Kaiser Foundation Health (KFH) funded the program in 1979 for one year. Barbara…

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1972-Richard Erhard

At the request of Richard Erhard, then president of the International Federation of Orthopedic Manual Therapists, known as IFOMT. Peter sponsored a local course to bring manual therapy into the community and raise the level of  orthopedic physical therapy practice…

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1970-Peter Edgelow

Peter Edgelow, the Director of the Kaiser Hayward physical therapy department, travels to Adelaide to study with Geoff Maitland for 3 months. When he returned, he wanted to create a similar program in the States.

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