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Vallejo Fellowship in OMPT & Musculoskeletal Primary Care

ABPTRFE Accredited ProgramKaiser Permanente Northern California offers a unique, full time physical therapy fellowship program in orthopaedic manual therapy and musculoskeletal primary care. The program is located at the Vallejo Medical Center, home to the internationally renowned training program in proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.

ABPTRFE Accredited ProgramThe program mission is to promote formal training specifically designed to help the fellow-in-training develop and attain the knowledge, judgment and professional behaviors necessary to achieve advanced clinical competence in orthopaedic manual therapy and musculoskeletal primary care. Primary care physical therapists provide primary musculoskeletal consultations, dispositions, and interventions for patients as part of a care team.

The curriculum and clinical training experiences are designed to integrate advanced physical therapy practice skills with an in depth knowledge of musculoskeletal disorders, non-musculoskeletal disorders and medical screening strategies. These advanced clinical skills enable program graduates to competently and confidently care for patients with musculoskeletal problems in diverse practice settings, including outpatient orthopaedics, primary care, military medicine and other direct access practice venues.

Our goal is to motivate the fellow-in-training to make lasting contributions to their local and professional communities.

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