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All timeline stories in the 1980’s.

1989-Carol Jo Tichenor

Carol Jo Tichenor ("CJ") became the third program director. She directed the program from 1989-2014 and during this time steered the program through major funding issues and changes in the physical therapy job market. Social media and access to the…

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1981-Fran Finney

Fran Finney became the second program director in 1981. Permanent funding status through the KFH Community Benefits Division was given, allowing Fran to develop training sites in Fremont, San Francisco and Oakland. University affiliations were expanded, tuition reimbursement encouraged graduates…

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1980-Choosing a Foundation

Feedback from alumni strongly suggested that clinical reasoning, the foundation of Australian Approach, made the greatest impact on their ability to manage patients. As described by Barbara Stevens: “Even in the beginning of the program when McKenzie’s influence as well…

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