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Consultants from the Orthopaedic Section, Education Section, APTA, and AAOMPT created the Manipulation Education Manual (MEM):

  • Included Joe Farrell, Bill Boissonnault and Steve McDavitt.
  • Educators, clinicians, and legislation experts formulated a national plan to combat chiropractic attacks.
  • Used as guidelines for content in manipulation education in PT programs across the USA

If you are a recent graduate, you likely have been exposed to high velocity, low amplitude thrust techniques, alongside goniometry, manual muscle testing, exercise prescription and standard PT clinical practice.  But in 1996, HVLAT manipulation was not taught or accepted universally.  Consultants from the APTA Orthopedic section, APTA Education section and AAOMPT created the Manipulation Education Manual, which was a stepping stone to help integrate manipulation education into graduate and undergraduate programs.  The outcry from the chiropractic profession was tremendous, but a plan was in place that defended the PT profession’s right to also perform manipulation.

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