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1990-Progression and Changes

Physical therapy education, both undergraduate and post – graduate, was evolving.  APTA Vision 2020 saw the DPT or Doctorate of Physical Therapy as a professional goal.  Job market was tight, and therapists were less inclined to leave their secure jobs for a year of training.  Hence, Kaiser program transitioned into a 3 month Mentorship and 9 month Fellowship in 1998, with mentoring key to both.  The Advanced Skills program opened participation in the weekend labs for therapists who earned CEU’s, but did not receive mentoring.

Funding thru KFH Community Benefits, and participation in the RotaCare clinics exposed students to providing care for the under- or non-insured in the Bay Area.  RotaCare, sponsored by the Rotary, is a volunteer alliance of medical professionals dedicated to providing free, quality healthcare to individuals with limited ability to pay for medical services.

Internationally known speakers were brought in for lab-based continuing education courses, open to all therapists for professional development, recognizing that many could not participate in the more intensive Mentorship or Fellowship programs.  Many of these courses were sponsored by our alumni association: IAOPT (Institute for the Advancement of Orthopedic Physical Therapy).

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